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Programme 2: Hair Salon

Programme 2: Hair Salon

Hair has always been an important factor for attraction. Whether it is to look good for oneself or for another, a lot of emphasis is placed on looking clean, neat and well put-together. Nigerian women, just as women all over the world, spend a vast amount of both time and money on their hair on a regular basis.

In addition to furthering the expression of creativity, we believe that numerous young adults can benefit from adding expertise to already existing skills; or perhaps entering into a new craft within a healthy, safe, clean and professional environment.

As part of this project, students are taught the different styles and techniques of braiding and weaving hair, as well as how to properly care for African hair.
Whether this be straight, wavy, curly or kinky, natural or straightened, our students are taught how to treat, manage, and help grow hair in a healthy manner, using appropriate techniques and environmentally-friendly products.

Students are enrolled on an annual basis and undergo a series of training courses run by both teachers and professional hairstylists.

In further steps, the foundation is also looking into growing its own natural hair care products for all types of hair.

In order for us to realize this, we have developed a three-year budget that will allow us to significantly improve the building project. The budget set out will house all our initiatives within our facilities, cover administrative costs, and make small loans available to our project graduates.
For a detailed breakdown of our financial needs, please have a look at our City of Light Budget 2019-2021.