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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mr Alexander MAKINWA Position: Project Director Base: Vienna, Austria Mr Makinwa is Project Director and a retired employee of the United Nation’s IAEA in Vienna, Austria. He holds academic backgrounds in accountancy, is a member of the British Institute of Purchasing and Supply, as well as holder of an LLB(Hons.) degree. He is particularly passionate about education and empowerment, as well as seeing the nation he left almost half a century ago transformed.

Mrs Margaret MAKINWA Position: Co-Founder Base: Vienna, Austria Mrs Makinwa is founder and General Overseer of LPEM, The Lord’s Pentecostal Evangelistic Ministry. The ministry is based in Vienna, Austria, and since 2009 a member of the FCGÖ (Freichristliche Gemeinde Österreich). She has done tremendous work within the African (predominantly Nigerian) community in Vienna, helping in the fight against prostitution and human trafficking. Mrs Makinwa is especially passionate about not merely tackling the symptoms but indeed the root-causes at the centre of this struggle..

Mr Odion Samuel EGHO Position: Financial Secretary Base: Vienna, Austria Mr Egho has a background in finance and accounting, particularly strengthened through his volunteering activities as Accountant for LPEM Vienna.

Ms Olayinka MAKINWA Position: Administrator Base: Vienna, Austria Olayinka recently completed an MSc in Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Her research continues to look into the impact of migration on concepts of identity and belonging. Specifically, she is investigating Nigerian migration to Vienna, and the role policies, as well as the societal environment play in fostering and/or hindering integration processes. She is passionate about combating stigmas, overcoming social/legal barriers to integration, and fostering cross-cultural communication. She currently works at the German Delegation of Commerce and Industry in Nigeria (base: Abuja) as the Head of Agribusiness.

Mr Chris Ehiosu EKHATOR Position: Administrative Assistant Base: Linz, Austria Mr Ekhator-Chris-Ehiosu has an extensive background in community engagement, fundraising, administration, and project management. He is the principal Project Manager overseeing the building project of LPEM Linz (Austria) and continues to use his numerous skills to manage and lead teams.

Mr Akinyemi TOMIWA Position: Team Member Base: Ondo State, Nigeria Mr Tomiwa is a Law lecturer at the AJASI University in Ondo State.

Mr Vincent IKUOMOLA Position: Project Supervisor Base: Ondo State, Nigeria Mr Ikuomola is an Accountant for the Ondo State Government in Akure, Ondo State.

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