City of Light and Liberation Foundation
Programme 1: Consciousness Campaigns

Programme 1: Consciousness Campaigns

Our Consciousness Campaigns seek to create awareness on numerous levels.

While our main focus rests upon educating teenagers – particularly young women – of the dangers of “seeking greener pastures abroad” and methods by which perpetrators seek to take advantage of young persons, our Consciousness Campaign furthermore stresses the fact that every single human being has been endowed with unique gifts and skills that can be employed to further one’s own life, as well as the lives of those around – one’s community.
We believe that these skills and talents, however, can only be harnessed once realized. As such, we focus on skills discovery and personal development.

Here, passions will be realized and opportunities sought to harness these. The realization of passions, coupled with our personal development scheme – which strongly focuses on leadership and integrity, will afford people the confidence and drive to not only seek out opportunities, but create those – for self and others.

Our focus here are primarily school-leavers, recent graduates, and deportees who have found it challenging to secure gainful employment.
As we understand that prolonged unemployment can give rise to feelings of insecurity and hopelessness, this project particularly seeks to restore confidence and hope.

We will be working with other local NGOs, universities (i.e. Federal University of Technology Akure), as well as continue partnering with the Ondo State Government to identify and reach persons at risk.