City of Light and Liberation Foundation


March 2021

In addition to continuously receiving donations from private sponsors, our team managed to raise additional funds to support our building project at The Mission Conference, which took place between March 18-20 in Wels, Austria.
On display (and for sale) were beautiful handcrafted Ankara bags, backpacks, dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Below some pictures:

January 2021

We’ve been off to a great start this year, as we have already been able to release some funds to the needy (elderly women). Here a picture of some of the recipients:

January 2020

From January 9-11 we were able to conduct an entrepreneurship training this year! There was a lot of demand and commitment towards empowering both male and female aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here some pictures, as well as a short clip:

January 2019

Mr. and Mrs Makinwa have been invited to give a presentation about the City of Light project and their experience in relation to supporting the numerous actors involved in human trafficking at the Palermo Palermo International Conference “Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings” taking place from January 28- 30 in Sicily, Italy. To find out more about the conference, slick here.
Pictures, as well as a summary about their engagement there will follow shortly.

Furthermore, Mr. Makinwa has written a fourth book, “The Roadmap to Peace”. This book will be launched shortly.


This year 6 women were given grants (non-repayable) in order to start small businesses. A further 10 persons were given small loans to start running their business as part of our micro finance scheme.



In 2011, 33 students graduated from fashion design (5) and IT (28). Below there are pictures of them receiving their certificates. That same year, we laid the foundations for our building project.



In 2010, 28 students, coming from vulnerable backgrounds, began a pilot program with City of Light in Akure, Nigeria. The program made use of rented spaces in order to train 28 students in IT and 7 in fashion design. This project was funded personally by Mrs. Makinwa, friends, relatives, and The Lord’s Pentecostal Evangelistic Ministry in Vienna, Austria. However, due to lack of consistent power supply in Nigeria, students who had studied IT were not able to use these skills to economically establish themselves. Those graduating with a certificate in fashion design, however, were able to make a living through self-employment.

In order to run a more sustainable project, City of Light has purchased its own land and is developing facilities to provide training for a very specific group – female victims of trafficking – in the more marketable skill of tailoring and fashion design.

While Mr Makinwa has written and published three books to support the ongoing financing of this project, we do rely on the generosity of donors like you. These include:

We are currently raising funds for our planned endeavors for the next three years (2019-2021) where we hope to complete the next two stages of the building (construction) project, as well as invest into evaluation and monitoring mechanisms for our personal development, tailoring/fashion-design, and hair-dressing schemes.