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CISS Conference on Human Trafficking 2019

CISS Conference on Human Trafficking 2019

From January 28 – 30 2019 CISS (funded by the European Union) held an international conference on THE PREVENTION OF TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS in Sicily, Italy.
There were multiple sessions held on each day, focusing on understanding the root causes of human trafficking, discussing the role of civil society networks, as well as the educational programmes that exist or can be established to prevent the trafficking of girls and women. There were also presentations of the results of field researches conducted within the different EU member states.

Mr and Mrs Makinwa had the privilege of presenting the City of Light and Liberation Foundation project at this conference, and the pleasure of engaging with individuals – both in the public and private sector – to ascertain potential collaborative projects.

This was the second international conference on Human Trafficking attended by CoL (the first was held in early May 2009 in Lyon, France) and we are delighted to see what God has in store for us this year!

Below are two short videos.
The first video introduces God as the foundation of the project:

The second one provides a brief summary of how it all began: