City of Light and Liberation Foundation
Vision for Nigeria

Vision for Nigeria

The City of Light’s “Vision for Nigeria” project encompasses all programmes run and managed from the organization’s base in Nigeria.

This Vision for Nigeria was initiated to provide skills acquisition programmes at the facility located at 1 Airport Road, Oba-Ile, Akure, Ondo Sate, Nigeria.

The common thread running through all our programmes is the Character Development Project which can be described as the transformation of young adults by instilling a sense of responsibility, integrity, social awareness and honest service.
By working together with local school and universities, this program can reach a very large number of potential participants. Moreover, through collaboration with the government of Ondo and the nation’s NYSC-scheme, one can well make sure that every person serving the nation undertakes this in-depth training too.

The project’s facilities make allowance for physically disabled persons, as access to the Training Hall has been specifically designed to be wheelchair accessible.

For our Vision 2019-2021, we have developed a budget which can be viewed City of Light Budget 2019-2021. The focus here will be on completing the physical structure of our facilities and commence with Programmes 1-3, establish these, and continue on to Programmes 4-7.

The areas currently covered include: